bob, struthers Ohio

this is the first time I used old bay in my shrimp pot and i will never use anything else ever again. the flavor of the spices was overwellming and the shrimp corn potatoes and meat was FANSTATIC.

Laura, Sussex Wisconsin

Love Old Bay since I was 7yrs. Mom made home made Garlic bread, crispy, buttery, and before serving it hot, she sprinkled OLD BAY Original. Since then, I have shared it with nieces, & nephews, Now we are all OBSESSED with Old Bay. Thank you for the great flavor addition to our FAMILY. ;))

Ben Calvin, Hancock Michigan

Just moved into a new house. Before I had everything unpacked I had to run to the store to pick up a requirement of every household. OLD BAY! Yep, its that good.

Michele, Cincinnati Ohio

When I lived in Baltimore, all the rage, was shrimp stuffed with crab meat or crab imperial. Not sure. Then it was covered in bread crumbs and pan fried. Does anybody have this recipe?

Karen, Hilliard Ohio

Old Bay Seasoning is my secret ingredient in the PERFECT bloody mary! Along with freshly squeezed lemon juice, worcestershire sauce and tabasco, I like to use mary mix, pepper vodka and v8. Try it!

thomas, menominee Michigan

lived in maryland 5 yrs, absolutely love old bay on everything i can think of to cook. had to have it shipped to me when i moved back to michigan, thankfully our stores carry it here now. the best seasoning i have ever tasted ...OLD BAY ... ALL THE WAY !! TRY IT... YOU WONT BE SORRY !!

Ben, Kansas City Missouri

Since our trip to Costa Rica, we make copious amounts of gallo pinto, which tastes great with Old Bay and a fried egg on top.

Allen Moore, North Liberty Iowa

I was born and raised in Baltimore and joined the Army 25 years ago. During my travels across this great country of ours I have had the opportunity to experience the local seafood. I have to say without a shadow of doubt that seafood prepared with Old Bay is by far the best tasting.

Beverly Lacefield, Evansville Indiana

I work in food service and I put it in my chicken salad reciepe and it was the best chicken salad ever,Thanks!

Big John, O'Fallon Missouri

I use it when I scramble eggs, grill burgers, on apple slices, sloppy joes. I add it to BBQ sauce to give it more kick. You need to sell t-shirts with your can logo!!!

Bob, Indianapolis Indiana

It's great for making spicy tater fries!

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